Transforms the cash register into a multifunctional genius

One interface for all services with one-time integration!

Cash registers are increasingly becoming the central service point at the point of sale.

With the presence of voucher cards, cash withdrawals, customer cards and alternative forms of payment; value-added services and mobile apps are becoming more prevalent in the market. Connecting these services requires cash register manufacturers, retailers and service providers alike. And as a result of these new functions, every new service must be integrated individually into the subsystems of the point of sale.

In a single integration process, flux.connect bundles all services at the POS, and this significantly reduces time and costs. The agile, cloud-based platform is always up to date. Newly available incorporated services are activated by the retailer without any further integration effort.

Furthermore, all terminals with an open application interface (OAI, OAM) can be connected without a POS system with the entry-level version flux.base.


All POS services via one interface

  • one-time integration cost
  • Immediate availability of all services on all cash registers
  • Elimination of development and software maintenance costs
  • Reduced communication effort